Sage Case
Sage Case

Sage Case

5.00 SGD21.00 SGD

*Further reduced price due to potential paint issues in some cases.
*Strictly No Exchanges.

 *Construct cases are non interchangeable with Core cases.

Full Sage like the tranquil shade of its namesake, for a sense of calm in a life of hustle.


Now that definition, our dear friends, is exactly the idea of how we came up with our Construct series. Customisable to suit your style preferences, all parts to this collection are entirely modular so you can switch it up based on your mood or look of the day.

Start by picking a base with Coloured Cases that are smooth to the touch, or flaunt your phone’s original colour way with our Crystal Case. Now keep your phone always close with our rainbow of 100% vegan leather straps that are adjustable with a snap, detachable with a clasp to secure slings.

9 Cases to choose from, 8 Straps with more coming your way to pair.
The possibilities are endless with this so why stick to one, when you can have two combinations or more?

Sage Case
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