The perfect add-on for those with busy schedules, the functional dresser, and the ones who never want to miss a picture perfect moment. Besbes phone necklaces are designed to grant you easy access to your phones while doubling as a fashion accessory. 

Comprising of a transparent case securely attached to a braided
polypropylene cord, the necklaces are suited for both indoors and outdoors with its lightweight, water resistant and durable quality. Available in eight colourways, match your look with solids for the minimalists or patterns for the adventurous. 

Adjustable with plenty of variations to explore, you can wear them however you like; Whether a straight-up necklace while working at your desk, a cross-body sling while dancing at a festival, or shoelace knot to jazz up the outfit, the call is at your convenience. 

Details at a glance:

Phone case
Crystal clear TPU case with corner cushions to reduce fall impact

Dirt and water resistant
Non toxic certified (OEKO-TEX)
1.4m cord length

The phone case does not guarantee 100% protection for your mobile phone. Phones may obtain scratches from split rings or small particles that stray into the case. Please handle with care at your own risk.

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